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Ra’alloy aluminium truck ramps offer the ultimate in strength and versatility. Since 1994, our loading ramps and flight case ramps have been sold to many of the world’s leading trucking and touring companies.

With a range of standard models, together with bespoke options, we are the number one supplier to the events industry worldwide.

Stage stairs

We usually manufacture our stage stairs and steps to suit the application and can range from a simple step to complex self-levelling stairs which are ideal for touring.
Our range also includes free standing height adjustable stairs with or without turning platforms. All equipment can be coloured to suit the venue or client preference.

Stage Access Ramps

Our stage access ramps are designed and manufactured to suit the client’s application. These ramps can make the stage accessible to disabled people and can also be used for light duty loading.

Stage loading ramps 

Ra’alloy Ramps can be seen throughout the entertainment and event industry and are the preferred ramps of the touring trucking industry. They are extremely versatile and resistant to damage while at the same time offering sure footed traction to the user due to our unique anti slip floor. The floor has a ribbed and serrated surface that remains anti slip in wet and icy conditions

As well as loading trucks and vans these ramps are perfect for moving onto the stage and running the heaviest flight cases up and down. With an added middle platform (purchased separately) two ramps can be used together which is ideal for high level stage loading.

No matter what stage access or loading equipment you require we can design, manufacture and install the perfect solution. 

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