Safe and cost effective

All our platforms are weather resistant, and health and safety compliant with their aluminium plates. So whether a standard version off the shelf or customised, Ra’alloy will deliver a perfect, safe and cost effective solution that is right for your business activity.

Set up in a matter of minutes

We also offer a ‘cheeseboard’ style ramp where there are front supporting legs that rest on the floor.

These lightweight ramp and platform systems are compact enough to be transported in the rear of a small van, and can be set up quickly in a matter of minutes.

Extra wide container ramps are available, which are particularly useful when unloading furniture, in this instance a wide walkway ramp is usually required.

Ultra high-level mobile container platforms are available, particularly sought after and widely used within the self-storage industry.

If a simple loading platform is required, for wheeling pallets onto forklifts, the ideal solution is our heavy-duty pallet loading platforms.

Any of these ramps can be moved and carried by a one-person operation.

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