A multitude of applications

Ra’alloy manufactures a range of car ramps which can be used for multiple applications. 

From standard single section car ramps to multi section ramps that can be used from loading cars onto beavertail trucks to loading cars into shipping containers our range covers a multitude of applications.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium

  • Includes our all-weather anti slip floor which offers full traction in mud, wet or icy conditions.

  • Standard single span stock sizes are all 43 cm wide and 242 cm, 362 cm or 480 cm long; ( can be supplied up to 10 metres long).

  • The ultra long car ramps are ideal for high-level loading or ultra low ground clearance cars. 

  • We can also manufacture stair bridging ramps for a range of vehicles.

  • Ideal loading cars into shipping containers.

  • For ease of assembly, the leg folds out from the upper section of the ramp and the lower section simply clips on.

  • Load capacities include ramps to carry up to 2 tonnes although heavier duty ramps can be manufactured please contact us for more information.

  • Rest on or Hook on connections or we can add any preferred connection method during manufacture.

  • Extremely cost effective and long lasting and will also remain virtually maintenance free. 

Standard lengths are available from stock although we can manufacture to suit your specific requirement which usually takes around 14 working days.

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