A lightweight solution

Designed to be used for aircraft operating into airports with limited facilities, our portable air stairs are ideal for when aircraft need to be self-handled that do not have integral built in stairs.

Avoid the long waiting time and high cost of Factory fitted stairs. Our portable Airstairs offer the ability to provide access without this penalty. 

Manufactured using aluminium, the stairs offer a lightweight solution.

This can be used for passenger access or for Pilot access to the rear hold doors.

These Airstairs weigh just 30kgs (66lbs) on models for aircraft with a sill height of up to 1.9 metres (6`3”).

Used by many airlines who have found groundbreaking benefits in self-handling, particularly on VIP flights to airports where there are little utilities.

The stairs reach inside the door onto the cabin floor and do not touch the door sill.

As the aircraft is loaded or unloaded the stairs self-level automatically.

Assembly takes only a few seconds, they can be either hinged in the middle or slot together depending on preference and storage space.

The handrails are detached and held together by elasticised joints and can be stored elsewhere.

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