Seawork 2018

At Ra’alloy, we have been manufacturing gangways and other bespoke access ramps for over 25 years. We have been proudly supplying our bespoke gangways to a number of customers such as Pontoon and Dock and Versadock.

We were proud to exhibit at the Seawork show earlier this year. The event was held in Southampton from the 3rd-5th July, and along with many new visitors, it was an opportunity for us to catch up with some of our customers, who were also exhibiting.

Delegates from all over the UK, Europe and beyond came to the show to see all the exciting new developments taking place in the marine sector. This was Ra’alloy’s first appearance at Seawork, and we were keen to demonstrate our gangway concept to both the old and the new!

This proved to be a really successful event for Ra’alloy, we were able to network with enthusiastic new customers about the benefits of our gangways for various marine operations, and more importantly build and amplify the Ra’alloy brand to new audiences.

The event also gave us a fantastic opportunity to introduce our bespoke gangways to new prospective customers, who never thought before that a gangway could offer a permanent or temporary solution to their operational requirements. Here’s to many more trade shows and the opportunity to showcase our quality bespoke gangways, all manufactured in house here in the UK!

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