Ra'alloy provide bespoke gangway for Langthwaite Solar Array

Ra’alloy yet again illustrating our expertise in manufacturing the highest quality bespoke gangways! This time for Langthwaite Reservoir Solar Array!

The main purpose for the implementation of these gangways was to create a more efficient access for their maintenance engineers to get from the reservoir bank onto the pontoon and vice versa! Thus streamlining the whole process and saving heaps of time!

Gangway dimensions for the technically minded are 14m x 1.2m and the entire unit has a SWL of 2.5 KN! We also fitted a security gate for added safety!

We would very much like to thank Northern Pontoon, who produce all of the floating pontoons commissioned by the end user United Utilities.

Another great collaborative project under our belt, indicative of the way we work with all stakeholders and partners!!!

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